A Fluid Theme Throughout My Life


It’s hard to believe sometimes that I am a kayaking coach. I love helping folks go from fear to fun, or take their skills up a notch or two or three or four. I co-own a kayaking company based out of Skamokawa, Washington, about eight miles, as the crow flies, from our farm here on Puget Island. At least, I will own it for another year or so. We are retiring November 1, 2024 and I will focus more on private coaching.

In the summer of 2019 I made a solo kayaking journey from Ketchikan, AK to Puget Island in southwestern Washington state. After retiring from running a kayaking company, I am going to do another expedition!

Oh, and if you’re looking for someone to work with to develop your chops, try new stuff out, or anything in the sea kayaking world, feel free to contact me to talk about what we can do together.