A Fluid Theme Throughout My Life

Moons and Junes

My summer days are usually quite full of activity but this past week was different. It started with a drive to a new place, Madras, where at least 10,000 people directly around me were gathered to watch the full solar eclipse. I was moved by the feeling of all those people around me along with the drop in temperature as the moon blocked the sun. Once the total eclipse happened, I looked at it with my naked eye which does not have 20/20 vision, but it was still quite beautiful. Two wiggly white lines around a small circle. Once I looked at it through my regular binoculars I could see the pink gases coming off around the edges.

Next it was an 11 l-hour drive for Asia to drop me off in Kalama, Oregon at the campsite for this year’s Chinook canoe journey. For the past many years I have been honored to pull a canoe with others every August, as my friend Ray requested us to do before he passed away a couple years ago.

I got to delightful days of pulling a canoe this week. Thursday I had a gig with my band in Portland for a storytellers’ show that was terrific. 

Now as I prepare for a week of kayaking with clients, I feel a sense of calmness after such an amazing week.

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