A Fluid Theme Throughout My Life

Surf Camp

Day 1: Ginni (after demoing surfing in a kayak before the rest of us went out to work on our skills) – “how do you feel”? Me – “terrified”! Then, with Ginni’s gentle quiet coaching of “look around and relax” (yeah right!), I go out and realize I can wipe out and not lose the skin on my hands and face. Days 2 and 3: with Marcos’ gentle guidance on “lift your elbows up, edge more here and there, etc.”, I start to get in sync with my muscle memory and skills. Day 5: Bonnie tells me, “you have the most beautiful singing voice I’ve ever heard, now I want you to sing, and don’t stop, I want to hear you singing, go”! I set out singing in four different languages and keep singing as I realize while I am doing that it’s actually fun, and I can edge and brace, and it all works. I lose my fear. Now I can just move my body where it needs to move to ride the wave. This is fun! Now I can move in and around and play, and if I get tossed down I can roll back up. If I get knocked out I can get back in and roll up before the next set and feel my way through. I can actually do this. Day 6: I can’t wait to explore another surf zone. Wind and waves I am ready for you and will work with you. Ketchikan to Alaska, Inside Passage, we are one!

My ferry passage is booked from Bellingham to Ketchikan for the shakedown scouting trip this year. Can’t wait. Next year I will only book the one one-way ferry and paddle home. I am ready.31073188_1879156688762344_3918299450119815168_o (1)

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