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It’s Happening!

Booked the ferry for me and BABS June 1st. I’m so excited I’m jumping outta my skin. Four months from now it’s happening. Tried to attach the pdf of the actual ticket but couldn’t figure out how to do that. Well, at least I have four months to figure that out.

5 responses to “It’s Happening!”

  1. I know your super excited and have worked hard to prepare for this journey. Much love sis..

  2. Congratulations!????

  3. Can’t wait to hear about your trip, Kyleen! Praying for a wonderful, safe journey. Love you. Susan Smith-Rife

  4. Not sure how to use this site yet. Sorry if this is a duplicate. So excited for your adventure. Have you left yet? Praying for a wonderful, safe trip. Susan Smith-Rife

    1. I leave June 1. One day shy of eight weeks from now. Thanks for keeping track and I will see you this fall!

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