A Fluid Theme Throughout My Life

Day 1 – Friends, Ferries, and Following a Dream

Uncle Sid, Gaston, and I pulled onto the interstate around 9 am this morning and I realized it’s June 1st and I that I am really doing this thing. After that realization hit, I felt a calm. Yep, I’m doing this. No anxiousness. No real nervousness. Before we left I took in the spring blooms around my house juxtaposed with the kayak and gear loaded in the car. Uncle bought me a breakfast sandwich and Chai tea about an hour later and we buzzed our way north. Traffic on this sunny Saturday wasn’t too bad so we had time for a short visit with Aunt Ruthie in Seattle for hugs and a quick hello.

Then on to Bellingham. It was warm in Bellingham for June 1st – 74 degrees F. Much warmer than this same time last year. Uncle, Gaston, and I had a feast of a lunch with friends Carol and Carola – salmon, salads, delicious goat cheese, bread, etc. Bellingham is a cool town. I had thought of it as colder and rainer than where I live but now it seams that is no longer the case. Carol and Carola lead us to the ferry terminal and stayed with us while I waited to get onto the ferry and get a good tent spot. I was surprised to see that it was not my beloved Columbia ferry but the Kennicott. In addition having the sentimental name of the river on which I live, the Columbia has a nice aft sun deck where I can pitch my tent in such a way that I have an optimal view of the water from my tent with a little wind protection. The Kennicott has no such space, and its solarium is completely enclosed which would make me seasick within minutes. I have found a space on the starboard side and lashed my tent at every possible angle to the railing as well as placing all 130 lbs of gear inside the tent to keep it in place.

It is 6:14 pm Alaska time as I write this and the Kennicott is on its way north. I have no return ticket this time. I just remembered to turn on the Garmin InReach. Looking out at the view I think I may well have the best stateroom on the ferry. It isn’t as calm as being in the stern but hopefully I have it anchored/tied down enough. I can always move to the “hallway” next to the solarium one flight up but I’d rather not. It is exquisite along this part of the passage.

Time to go have supper in the restaurant. I am saving my food for kayaking. Ferry restaurant food is pretty good. A good day and glad to be on schedule. Glad the weather is so nice.

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