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What a Difference Five Hours Makes

Much as I love that location at Coho Cove, I couldn’t help myself thinking, as I lugged 200 lbs. of gear and BABS out to the water at low tide, that maybe this is a mistake. Maybe I don’t know what I’m doing. I wanted to get on the water just at low tide, which was at around 9:30, to take advantage of the calm morning and tide in my favor to make the next big crossing. I was on the water at 11:00 and knocking myself for taking so long and not preparing enough the night before. Once I was on the water, everything changed. I had a soft wind at my back and the tide pushing me gently along the shore. By the time I made the crossing it was calm and there was no one else around to worry about. It was a lovely crossing, complete with jumping fish.Despite leaving so much later, I made up the mileage today – a total of 34.5 miles completed. I am on track to reach Prince Rupert by the 12th.I met two kayakers coming the opposite direction. Casey and Brooke are on day 49, paddling from the San Juans to Skagway. They mentioned that they’ve had nothing but northwest winds up till now. Yes! That’s what I had today for the first time so maybe it will hold for awhile.Another positive thing is these full moon tides are slowing so I don’t have to move BABS tonight. I can leave her right where we landed. The next high tide will be three feet lower. It is also sunny so I am drying everything out. Tomorrow I make the crossing to the mainland and Tsongas National Forest. This time I will be prepared to leave at low tide. It will be at least half an hour later and I’ll have as much as I can ready tonight so that it will hopefully take me less than four hours to go from getting up to getting on the water.

Andrew can probably tell me what this sparkly, golden, four-winged beauty is. It hung with me while I published the last three posts.
Campsite #3

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  1. Fantastic Kyle, so happy to hear you are off to a good start and you made up your time on this day so you won’t beat yourself up. WAY TO GO
    Thank you for the updates on your trip – hope you write a book when it’s all over.
    Linda (Renee’s friend and paint buddy)

  2. Kyleen – this is how I input your name and did not notice it changed to “Kyle”

  3. That’s some miles! Way to go, Kyleen!!

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