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Do You Know the Way to Foggy Bay?

June 10, 2019 – This morning I attempted to head out of the bay and handrail my way south to Nakat Bay on the southeastern part of this stretch Tongass National Forest. It wasn’t bad – nice, gentle 1′ swells. I got less than a mile before I reached the first point and saw that there were rips coming off of it as far as I could see out to the east. There was a little bay before it and it looked like I could get out there and walk across to see what it looked like on the other side. So I did. Night and day difference. Not only were the swells bigger, there were big waves and a lot more wind and, of course, rain. I must note that when I got to the top of the point I was greeted by a field of red columbine, bleading hearts, and common paintbrush – all in the their fullest bloom. As I was more focussed on assessing the water conditions, I failed to take a photograph. I did take a mental picture and will sketch and scan it tomorrow and add it to this post.

I can do rain. Rain is the norm where I come from. Horizontal rain? Not on this trip, at least right now not. The weather and I were doing so well until this low pressure system decided to move in. Now my fingers and toes look like the creature from the black lagoon, sans the green. Oh wait, there’s sea lettuce on my right toes. Never mind.

I turned around and paddled back into Foggy Bay where it basically is just rain and some light swells, which are kind of neat. Instead of going straight to finding a new campsite I decided to explore Foggy Bay. It felt good to move and, without the winds, the rain was just like home. I am missing home. A lot. It’s been easier not to miss it when I am on the move, exploring. Foggy Bay really is beautiful. It connects to two inlets, one short and one long. It has a bunch of little islands and is full of all sorts of colorful kelps.

The forecast currently calls for a wet and windy day tomorrow morning, followed by a windy day calming down tomorrow night. That means I can get back on the trail Wednesday morning. Tomorrow I will rest again even though I got nice and rested up yesterday. I picked this campsite primarily because it has an open shot to the east where it appears the satellite is that works with my little satellite internet hub. I was so excited to get a spot so that I could upload the latest posts and add photos to existing posts. It is a wonderful device, thank you Gordon and Renee! The campsite also has a nice view of Very Inlet. Yes, it is.

Can anyone tell me what this is? There are hundreds of them in this bay.
View out my tent of Oh So Soggy Foggy Bay

3 responses to “Do You Know the Way to Foggy Bay?”

  1. I really enjoy your posts. Thanks for this “treat” for the rest of us.

    Gene Healy

  2. That rubbery concrete looking thing is a moonsnail egg case. The eggs themselves remind me of bits over-cooked ramen, but you usually find them empty.

    1. There were dozens of these off the shore of this beach. No ramen noodles though.

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