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A Light Day

June 29, 2019 – I started the day off with a short five-mile paddle south of Klemtu to the entrance to Finlayson Channel where I saw two humpback whales, a Stellar’s sealion, and a harbor seal, plus a bunch of bald eagles of varying ages. The water was so calm it felt like I was on a lake instead of the Pacific Ocean. I wanted to paddle farther but remembered that I need to take it easy while my sides heal. They were a little more red than before I started but not enough to create any new damage.

After lunch I took a nap. Then I spent the next three hours washing, repairing, and testing drybags and other gear. Then I started planning the next phase of paddling down the eastern shores of Vancouver Island.

Fresh halibut was delivered to Klemtu today and that is what was served for supper. Yes, it’s rough, I know. The right side of my body has healed rapidly in the last 24 hours. The left is looking better but is slower going.

In the morning I am going to ride on the Lodge’s panga to Bella Bella and back. On the way we will likely stop for a hike and maybe see some bears. It will be nice to see Bella Bella. Then tomorrow afternoon I will be able to finish the repairs to BABS and she’ll be ready for action.

The lump in the center is a Steller’s sealion.
A Pacific Northwest arrow.

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  1. Great photos! So proud of you!!

  2. cantgetnosleep Avatar

    Keep it up! Really enjoying the blog posts.

  3. So beautiful!

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