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Last Night in Klemtu

July 1, 2019 – Happy Canada Day! I like how close the two adjoining countries’ independence days are. Today started with a delightful breakfast with new friends here at the lodge. After the group left on the panga to explore for the day, I began the process of checking gear and packing up for the voyage to Port Hardy tomorrow. I finished that task by mid day and then did one more sealing coat on BABS. My but she was so torn up by this first barnacle-laden segment. I didn’t get a chance to test my patching/sealing work today, so we’ll find out on the first day out of Port Hardy how well I did.

Once all the responsible things were finished, I borrowed a canoe paddle fromt the lodge and hiked up above the town to the lake that supplies all of the water to the town. As luck would have it, I made a wrong turn before getting to the lake and followed the creek next to the lake and there I saw an American Dipper. I am quite fond of the dipper.

I did eventually make it to the lake proper and there were two almost new canoes stowed there. I took one for a spin around the lake, which was quite lovely. A little wind but not too much for a canoe journey. I even wrote a new song inspired by my time there.

After I hiked back to the lodge, I had time to pack the last items I could pack today and then had a delicious last dinner here at the lodge. The time here in Klemtu has been worthwhile and memorable, maybe some of the most memorable of this journey thus far. I can not recommend enough the warm hospitality of the Spirit Bear Lodge staff and facility. If you yearn for an even deeper connection with nature and place, this is definitely the place for you.

I am healed. BABS is healed. We are both ready for the next chapter in our adventure – me especially to see my beloved uncle and canine in a little over 24 hours.

Happy canoeist.

Lake above the town of Klemtu.

It felt great to walk in a mountain stream. This is where I saw the dipper.
View of Cone Island and Klemtu from up above the lake.

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  1. Debbie Wilmshurst Avatar
    Debbie Wilmshurst

    Wonderful to share stories and learn of your adventures, so happy our paths crossed. Wishing you a healthy and fulfilling journey!
    All the best,
    Lisa, Karen & Deb 🙂

  2. Hi I hope i’m finally on your blog. this is a test!!!! Linda has been helping and so has Bob.

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