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Port McNeill to Telegraph Cove, BC

July 5, 2019 – The morning started off completely socked in with fog. I was concerned about crossing down the point to the shore at Port McNeill not knowing what kind of traffic it has on a Friday afternoon. Mercifully it burned off by the time I got there. I still had to wait 15 minutes for about ten vessels of various shapes and speeds to go by before I could cross. It was quite the menagerie of wakes.

When I roughly measured the distance from the campground to Telegraph Cove on my chart, I got about 11 miles. I figured it would take me a little over two hours since I was paddling during the middle of the flood tide and would have the maximum help of the current. I did have a good amount of help – at one point paddling 7.5 mph – but I miscalculated the distance. Since I thought it would only be a couple hour paddle I decided to make it a workout and pushed myself. After the second hour I looked at the GPS and I had already paddled 11.5 miles. I could see Telegraph Cove in the distance. It looked at least another four miles out. So the third hour I took a little easier. It still turned out to be my fastest paddle yet: 16.6 miles in three hours and 12 minutes.

I felt pretty good afterward, but very hungry. Uncle Sidney took me out for a steak dinner. He had the grilled salmon. Telegraph Cove is a tastefully planned tourist destination. They have everthing, a marina if you are coming by motor/sail/fishing boat, hotel rooms, campground, RV spots, full restaurant, pub, general store, cafe, other small shops, and a kayaking tour/instruction company. Their prices are reasonable and they have done a lot to restore and provide interpretive signs all along the way.

Highlight of the day was coming across about 60 rhinocerous auklets. As usual, my photos don’t do them justice. I highly recommend you look them up to see their little horn. They are one cool looking bird, and it was breathtaking to be surrounded by so many.

Rhinocerous Auklets
Southern end of the town of Alert Bay with auklets in the foreground.
I think these are Sabine’s Gulls but eBird tells me that they are more likely Bonaparte Gulls.
A lovely sunny day on the east side of Vancouver Island, BC.
Gaston is so helpful with trip planning.

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  1. Hi Kyleen! I was wondering how you know at what speed you are paddling. I’m with you all the way and enjoying it all. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I have a Garmin InReach GPS that I turn on when I begin each day and use throughout the day. Works great.

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