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A Driving Day

July 6, 2019 – Today’s part of the journey along the coast would have included the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve. The navigational chart provided by the Canadian Fisheries and Oceans organization specifically states that all vessels, whether human or otherwise-powered are to stay clear of the outer boundaries of the reserve so that the pod of Orcas that lives there can be free to do what it is they do without any human interference.

I took this pretty seriously and decided it was going to be a day of seeing a bit of the interior of Vancouver Island. So Uncle and I packed everything up into the Saab, strapped BABS on the kayak rack, and explored the inland area between Telegraph Cove and Naka Creek which is about a 23-mile distance I would have paddled had I decided to disregard directions. We visited Nimpkish Lake, a stunning and huge alpine lake, and the town of Woss including the Woss River. I learned about the railroad-based logging history of the north part of the island. It helped to explain all the little towns that exist today, like Alert Bay which is on a small island across from just south of Port McNeill called Cormorant Island, which all started as logging worker towns/communities. Kind of like back home.

We took a long set of logging roads, which thankfully are not used by logging trucks on Saturdays and Sundays, out to the beach where Naka Creek meets the sea and there is a sweet little rugged campground with one shaded spot left just for us. Also a nice and easy cobble beach from which to launch in the morning. I made us a supper of chili and salad, Uncle made us a fire and some more s’mores, and I as asleep by 10.

Woss River

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  1. Constance Lively Avatar
    Constance Lively

    Kyleen, It’s good to hear you’re making the most of your journey….not bound by “I must do it this certain way or it won’t count”. It must feel good to balance alone time with Uncle/Gaston time. Enjoy your time together!
    As for me, still waiting to see if SOMEONE/ANYONE

  2. I’ve left comments, but they don’t seem to get through, bugger!
    I’m getting notifications so I know I’m IN, but somehow my comments sent through Google cannot be published. Oh well, when you return I’ll come visit and tell you all that I felt and thought. about your entries.
    I guess I won’t have you on 8th September…?, a moment of joy thinking about it is gone. But there will be other opportunities, maybe my 81st???

    1. I’m so bummed it didn’t work out for the 8th. We will hold the date for 2020!

  3. ManuelaBonnet-Buxton Avatar

    Wow! It finally worked!!

  4. Oh! Thank you for sharing the mountain views. I’m going up in a few weeks. Hoping for some clear skies. Blessings for the next leg of your journey.

    1. Happy travels!

  5. Andrew Hughes Avatar
    Andrew Hughes

    Really enjoying keeping up with your trip! Happy it’s going well.

  6. I am a couple of days away from Quadra Island. Good luck with the tooth.

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