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Rock Bay to Brown’s Bay

July 9, 2019 – This morning I decided not to paddle the ten miles to the north entrance of Seymour Narrows. Uncle kindly drove me the ten miles to Brown’s Bay RV Resort and Marina. With the tides being what they are, I couldn’t have launched from Rock Bay until 3:30 pm. Plus, it gave me another chance to see more of the inland lakes of the island. Seeing them makes me want to come back and do some lake camping and hiking on Vancouver Island.Brown’s Bay is gorgeous. We got a camp site with a launch and a view of Seymour Narows. It has hot showers and a laundry facility. My stinky hydroskins are in need of a washing. They are currently in the washer while the three of us are at the restaurant having supper. I had dungenous crab. Uncle had salmon. Life is good.Tomorrow I paddle Seymour Narrows. At slack. Then I paddle to Copper Bluff to visit friends of friends, Jim and Maria Leishman on Quadra Island. Uncle and Gaston go home. Then I am without a ground crew again for a few weeks. Being in the more populated areas from this point forward will make that easier, though I have had the BEST crew ever! Thank you, Uncle Sidney, for everything you continue to do for me just like you always have all my life. Thank you, Gaston, for um… well… overseeing the ground crew team this past week. Yes, yes. For that. And thanks for all the cuddles.I am stoked about tomorrow. I am stoked to be here in this wonderful place and to have the priviledge of making this journey.

Our campsite at the north end of Seymour Narrows.
A nice launch too!

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  1. Felt tired just reading about your almost 8 hour day of paddling – you are one tough woman to get through that yesterday! Well done! I’m happy to see the photo of your beautiful kayak today. Hopefully her repairs are holding up well, and that your chafing heals quickly.

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