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Miracle Bay – Gear Dry Out Campground

July 13, 2019 – I awoke at 4 am but went back to sleep. My alarm went off and I got up at 6 am, then went out to the beach only to find that the ebb was so far out that I didn’t want to work that hard to lug everything out and then load it. So I decided to stay here at Miracle Bay Provincial Park campground today and dry out all my gear from the heavy rains just before my stay at Quadra Island, do some hiking in the rain forest, catch up on my journal entries, and let the chafing under the arms have yet another day to heal. After all, I am on track and half way as of today.

Luckily they had a space open up at 11 and I could get everything spread out and drying. I got so into picking red huckleberries and hiking in the rainforest I spaced on taking any photographs. Sorry. For those back home, it is so much like there it is hard to differentiate and makes me less homesick. The red huckleberries are ripe here and I have eaten probably more than my fair share today.

After Chef Mike’s ribeye steak dinner last night I feel a little more like I’m roughing it tonight with black bean burger sliders, even though they taste soooo good. I am getting everything set for a 6 am launch tomorrow morning so that I get down to Buckley Bay BC around 11 am. I have local knowledge input that it will work out great. No idea what I’ll do the day after that but if I am getting in that early I will have plenty of time to plan the next day’s itinerary. Gotta go with the tides…

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  1. ??

  2. Sounds like a greT place to “land”!

    1. Thanks for coming along with me Elaine!

  3. Cynthia Caster Avatar
    Cynthia Caster

    Jim Kolberg and I are here at Rivermile 38 Brewery and Jim says “Happy Paddling and I love you for being the bird on the wire”. I send you best wishes for sunny days, happy nights, smooth paddling, and hot showers. Love, Cynthia. P.S. It is actually a sunny clear day in Cathlamet. We miss you.

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