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Last Full Day on Orcas Island

July 25, 2019 – Another sunny, warm morning on Orcas Island. Roger bought a new truck and went to pick it up early this morning. I made some rehydrated eggs and sausage for Uncle and me. Then we took Gaston and Roger’s new pup, Cooper, to Mt. Constitution for a short hike. Before the hike, we discussed the options of getting a rental vehicle for Uncle to take home so that I could have the Saab to use to get to launch/take out sites next week.

Roger returned with his new silver steed and we went for a late lunch in Eastsound. We returned to Roger’s and Uncle Sidney purchased Roger’s old truck, a 1987 Ford Lariat. This works well not only for him having a vehicle to drive home, but for him to use until he gets his new-to-him van – a win/win. Roger bought the truck from his son, so we are keeping it in the family.

For me, it’s been a productive day getting drybags repaired, incorporating the new supplies into my gear bags, booking the ferry ride tomorrow, and I am ready to go. I am hoping to get an afternoon paddle in tomorrow from Oak Harbor.

Uncle at the waterfall.
Uncle and me at the waterfall.
Just the waterfall.

Badadadadada badadadadadada, who ya gonna call? Furrbusters!

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