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Paddling Deception Pass

August 13, 2019 – Our campsite is very nice, but it’s right next to the highway. I tried earplugs but they bothered my ears more than usual so I took them out and ended up waking up just about once an hour. Nonetheless, I awoke excited about the day.

The slack tide wouldn’t be until the afternoon so I took the morning to catch up on some correspondence. My company back home is in great need of more help with bookings, etc. so I am slowly reintegrating back into that life now that I am more often in an area with cell and/or wifi service.

In the afternoon, Con, Vern and I launched from Bowman Bay and paddled around and through Deception Pass to Cornet Bay. We took a short break there, then came back through Canoe Pass. We played in swirling eddies, riplines, and even some standing waves. Doing all of this during the milder part of the current was an excellent introduction to the pass for me.

I look forward to paddling it again perhaps with a little more current for a little more of a challenge.

The water was just right.
Fun eddies.
Cornet Bay
Con in the pass.
Great blue heron in the pass.
Deception and Canoe Passes

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  1. Magnificent scenery!! I am so glad for you, Kyleen. This trip is a true blessing for you and will be a happy memory for years to come. I hope to paddle with you in early October at Skamakowa. Vaya con Dios!

  2. Kyleen, I am glad your home, I am so glad I got o meet you, your amazing! I’ve told your story to a lot of friends and they were very impressed.
    All the best,

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