The Night Before the Shakedown

The nine-day shakedown begins tomorrow. I sure hope it all fits! I bought an expedition kayak that is being built as I write this. I am borrowing the same model for this test run,, from the guy who will paint my boat. 19′ long, I pick it up tomorrow in Tacoma on my way to Bellingham. I will load all of this into it, hopefully, and then take it to the ferry terminal, leave the Saab in the parking lot, and start the journey to Ketchikan. Thanks to Steph I have enough food to last beyond this trip. Charts are ready, GPS and all electronics charged, my mind charged enough that sleeping is tough. Seven cubic feet of storage. Small hatch openings on the borrowed kayak will make it challenging. It doesn’t matter much because Alaska calls. I will fit enough to enjoy her and learn what I need for the long journey next year.Night Before

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I am passionate about outdoor exploration. In the recent years I have discovered how much more I can experience from a kayak. I am a professional musician and own a kayaking company. I have also had the honor of starting up three artisan dairies, growing food for people locally.

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