May 1, 2019

In one month my uncle will take me to Bellingham to get on the Alaska ferry. He will be dropping me off and going back home. Excited? Yes. Nervous? Yep. Confident? Mostly. Today I picked up the last of the parts I need to install the foot bilge pump and sail rigging. Tomorrow I drill several new holes in BABS.Now it is time to start really testing the IsatHub, tablet, etc. to learn how much power they all will use doing a daily journal/blog. I would like to be able to upload a blog with photos each day. Today’s photo is actually from yesterday. I went for a brief hike on the ridge behind the schoolhouse in Skamokawa and it was covered with bleeding hearts in full bloom – a bleeding heart forest. Lovely.

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I am passionate about outdoor exploration. In the recent years I have discovered how much more I can experience from a kayak. I am a professional musician and own a kayaking company. I have also had the honor of starting up three artisan dairies, growing food for people locally.

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  1. You have always been a shining light; how wonderful that this is your new adventure. Will be following with bells on!

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