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Food: Check

Last night I finished packing all of the dried foods for the trip. Well, at least the first three legs. For the fourth, Uncle Sidney will be able to bring me the box of options and I will refill bags at Port Hardy in some comfortable room at a B&B or posh campsite in Shearwater, if all goes well. The first leg is two weeks, second is three weeks, third is two weeks – and that is what I have packed. Each batch actually has slightly more, but each leg might take me less time. Who knows? What I do know is that I have enough calories if I forage and catch no food on my own.

Also, today my camp table arrived. It is a rather ingenious thing. My friend and farmmate Ginni uses a larger version of it on her excursions with Sea Kayak Baja Mexico, but I think it will also work well for me, especially for typing my daily journal. In fact, I am typing on it now and it is much better than balancing the tablet, with its keyboard case, on my lap. It will also be useful for creating a stable base for my stoves. I will be using a cast iron pan sometimes and it needs a level and stable stove, and this little table will work well.Now the days are starting to feel longer.

Time seems to be passing more slowly. I’ve no idea why that is but I have a guess. All of the big planning items are complete. I am moving into the holding pattern before departure and am more able to mentally sit back and just enjoy what is happening in this moment while making decisions and taking actions to keep everything going smoothly. Hey! Just like the way it will be starting in nine days.Tonight and tomorrow will be a slight break from trip preparation. Tonight will be movie night and tomorrow will be music with great friends and musicians at our local grange hall. I like this life.

First Two Weeks
2nd and 3rd leg
Table Unfolded and Perfect!
Table Folded Up to Very Small Size

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  1. Hooray! Excited with/for you. So glad for this blog connection. Be well!

  2. So excited for you. Wish I could fly up there just to give you a big hugg Bonvoyage

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