Settling In

June 26, 2019 – I spent most of today’s paddle with a warm, conifer-scented breeze against my face. It was a technical exit getting out of Butedale as a new large log blocked the way I had come in. It was kind of exciting laying back on the deck to dodge the rusty metal cables connecting the docks with the land. I again had the current in my favor almot the entire paddle of over 21 miles.

Once on shore at the entrance to Tolmie Channel, I was graced with a thunderstorm that started southeast of me and continued to move away from me in that direction. We rarely get those at home so I was stoked to watch and listen while I fixed and ate my black bean burger sliders. There is still some thunder rumbling every so often, accompanied by the cry of a red-throated loon just off shore. It’s such a sorrowful cry. It’s been calling for a couple of hours now. I wonder if it’s lost someone.

On the ferry rides, we always turned off Princess Royal Channel to Heikish Narrows and then down Finlayson Channel. Tolmie will be a first for me, I’m so excited to see it by kayak. Tolmie Channel runs on the west side of Sharon Island. Once I reach the end of Sharon I will be at Klemtu, another first nations village, albeit much larger and more commercial than Hartley Bay. I hear there is a Chinese restaurant there. I am looking forward to seeing the longhouse in person. I’ve seen the end of it each time we’ve passed it on the ferry.

I feel a sense of being settled in to a groove. 20+ mile paddle days are just right, getting on and off the water is pretty smooth, I’m feeling a greater connectivity with each part of this place as I navigate through it. And now the rain has started. It was nice of it to wait until I finished supper, dishes, cleanup, tent setup, closing up the kayak, and having everything stowed in its place for the night. I was able to set up my tent just inside the forest at this beach. It has been a great day.

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I am passionate about outdoor exploration. In the recent years I have discovered how much more I can experience from a kayak. I am a professional musician and own a kayaking company. I have also had the honor of starting up three artisan dairies, growing food for people locally.

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  1. I’m praising God for your exciting and safe journey. Hallelujah for His beautiful creation.

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