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A Day in Comox

July 15, 2019 – I slept in this morning, had a nice long conversation with a good friend, then went upstairs to the best cup of coffee I’ve had in a long time. We ate a nice breakfast/brunch and then went into town, for me, in search of something resembling Manu’s suggestion of butt butter. I was looking for a quickdry shirt with no seams and/or some kind of ointment/cream that prevents chafing without getting my shirt all gooey. There were multiple sports outfitter stores in the area and I started with the local surf/ski shop. The didn’t have any kind of butt butter type product but they did have a number of neoprene tops with seams in different places than my chafed areas. The tops were extremely expensive and not ideal so I had the salesperson set one aside for me and told her I’d be back if I didn’t find something better elsewhere.

Next I went to the extreme running store. They sell a product called “Body”. It comes in a dispenser just like a deoderant or antiperspirant and, once applied, dries quickly and takes a brisk wash with soap and water to get it off. That sounded promising so I purchased one container as well as a long sleeve shirt with seams in places other than my chafed areas.

After that, we stopped for gelato (I had creme brulee gelato) and then went back to Alan and Gillian’s house. After a brief rest there we all met back in Union Bay and then Comos for beer and supper. Union Bay, Courtenay, and Comox all have an atisan, creative kind of feel as compared with Campbell River which is a more utilitarian kind of groove. I’m told things are changing and that all are becomming more the former kind of towns which is probably driven by tourism. I have seen a lot of European and Asian tourists during my time on and around Vancouver Island.

A wonderful supper with great new friends. Time for bed and early rise to catch the outgoing tide southeast. I sure hope this anti-chafing stuff works.

Alan, Gillian, and me.
Comox Marina
Comox Marina

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  1. Beautiful scenery! Keep up the good work and heal quickly!!

  2. Andrew Hughes Avatar
    Andrew Hughes

    Yay for rest! Good luck with the chafing.

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