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SSJF – Clallam Bay to Twin Rivers

August 4, 2019 – No fog this morning. A beautiful sunny day from the start. I launched from the nice sandy beach at the west end of Clallam Bay. This segment of the strait is influenced by the ocean swells almost all the way to Twin Rivers. I was glad to have them in preparation for the next stage of the journey.

As we were unloading BABS, we noticed a person in a Dagger kayak out at the shore launching into the strait. The person was wearing a helmet. I thought about that. I thought, “what does this person know that I don’t know?” I mean, I’ve been paddling the strait for a week now and haven’t worn a helmet because the conditions didn’t seem to call for it. Not too long after I launched I caught up with the Dagger paddler. It turned out to be a man named Robert from New Mexico. He was wearing the helmet because he wanted to use his GoPro camera, which was attached to the helmet. Unfortunately his GoPro was out of battery power but he decided to keep the helmet on anyway. I was relieved to say the least.

This segment was just shy of 17 miles and completes the western end of the strait. Now all that is left is the Dungeness to Port Angeles segment. And, of course, tomorrow is the cape!

I will always cherish how beautiful this part of the world is.
The clear cuts remind me of home.
From a distance I thought this was two people paddling a double kayak.

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  1. Beautiful pictures Kyleen, hope the fair weather continues for you!,

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