Last Paddle Day for Awhile

August 14, 2019 – Today we paddled up around Burrows Island, launching and landing at Washington Park north of Deception Pass Park. A short but sweet paddle day.

The highlight was after we got off the water. A juvenile bird of some kind (it was hard with the backlighting to ID) decided to hang out on BABS. It landed on the paddles for awhile, then settled in for a nap on my pump. All the while, I was sitting less than three feet away.

Set of kayakers, set of sailboats.
This station on Burrows Island is no longer active but it’s still pretty cool looking.
This was my little friend for about 20 minutes.
Nap time.

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I am passionate about outdoor exploration. In the recent years I have discovered how much more I can experience from a kayak. I am a professional musician and own a dairy where we produce raw milk, butter and cheeses. My son tells me I have "too much on my plate". He is correct, but I wouldn't live life any other way.

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