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A Journey of Another Kind

October 29, 2020 – After eight months of hunkering down, growing a ton of food and putting it by, learning to glide through a strange and modified kayaking season, and being the most homebodied ever, I find myself and my little dog on a 3,000-mile journey across the United States.

Gaston and I woke up early this morning. I packed most everything into and on the car last night – kayak, bicycle, bushel basket full of home grown produce, dog bed/meditation mat, clothes, road food, guitar, mandolin, and snacks. We woke up early, did the last of the winterizing tasks on the farm, and were on the road.

A thick fog ushered us through Longview and Vancouver and just into the Columbia River Gorge. Aftrer we passed the Dalles, we took a side trip up to Walla Walla to meet up with Cory for a couple of hours. We had lunch together and walked around the aviaries in Pioneer Park, full of mostly exotic birds, many I didn’t even know existed as well as many familiar birds I have not seen so close up.

White Peacock
Emperior Goose

After this much-appreciated stretch of the legs, Gaston and I got back on the interstate heading toward Boise. We made it as far as LaGrande, Oregon where I found a pet-friendly Travelodge.

The weather was dry and reasonably warm today, and looks to stay that way the next few days, so I think we will take the “northern” route through Wyoming and Nebraska before dropping down through Missouri and Tennessee. The plan is to return home by the end of December, coming back via the southern route, and stopping in the Sierra foothills for a visit with loved ones.

There is a train going by right near the motel. It’s loud, but I don’t think it will keep me awake.

6 responses to “A Journey of Another Kind”

  1. Mike andbMargaret Avatar
    Mike andbMargaret

    So glad to read of your new adventure. Was wondering what you were doing since we met last at Naka
    Creek and Miracle Beach on Vancouver Island.

  2. So where are you headed? Anywhere and everywhere?
    Happy Trails!

  3. And so begins another adventure! Travel safely Kyleen

  4. Richard Erickson Avatar
    Richard Erickson

    Wow, I was ready for a trip so now I can join you on this one. Thanks to you I have explored the waterways up north, hiking in Mexico and now a US road trip! ?? . Thanks for allowing me to ride along. ??

  5. Safe Travels! We’re looking forward to following your blog and sending Love!

  6. Thank you for offering me an armchair adventure. Oh, how I am already loving it. Have fun and safe travels. Looking forward to the next chapter. Carol

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